Repairs & Maintenance

  • Filter – Repair, Replacement, & Cleaning
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Salt Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Drain & Fill


Weekly Cleaning Service

  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Vacuum Bottom
  • Brush Sides
  • Skim Water Surface
  • Empty Baskets


Pool Pumps

Energy efficient pumps are a "no brainer."

A breakthrough in energy-efficiency and service life, our Variable Speed Pump allows programming for four different speeds for different pool, spa, or water feature applications. By dialing in the minimum speed required for a task, the pump works less and uses less energy.   POOL PUMP SAVINGS CALCULATOR


Automation Systems

Automation systems are available for separate pools and spas, as well as pool/spa combinations with shared equipment or separate circulation systems. You select from systems that control 4 or 8 accessory functions. All functions are controlled with one-button access from the totally self-contained load center. Optional controllers are available.

Horizon Pool Services
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Sugar Land, TX 77496
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